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4 Quick Tips For Handling Paper Files During An Office Relocation

Paper files are on their way out in favor of electronic filing, but many businesses and organizations still rely on reams of papers and the related filing cabinets for backup and archives. Relocating your office becomes more complex as the number of paper files involved rises. Looking for a way to streamline your office move without losing a single sheet along the way? Try these four tips:

Sort for Excess Paper

Many office managers and administrators will implement great organizational efforts but forget to trim down the sheer weight of the paper being transported. Spending a few extra man hours in the planning stages to remove blank sheets, duplicate prints, and more will save you a lot of labor in moving heavy boxes full of papers. Even if you're leaving the lifting and loading to your moving team, you'll save money by lowering the total weight of your office furnishings.

Shred Unnecessary Material

While you're in the middle of sorting and removing empty sheets and damaged papers, consider renting a shredder and removing outdated and unneeded materials at the same time. Anything that reduces your total weight load is a worthwhile investment in preparation for your move. Destroying sensitive documents may be necessary for meeting HIPAA or other legal requirements, especially if you have already digitized certain materials before beginning the move. There's no need to carry along paper copies of documents you already store on your servers or hard drives since every pound contributes to the total cost of the transportation.

Rent Hand Trucks

It's best to handle the packing of your company's document collection within the company itself rather than leaving this sensitive step to the professionals. Moving the loaded document boxes to a staging area allows the moving team to load them smoothly onto the trucks with less effort. Rather than having employees carry individual boxes and risk straining their backs or arms, rent hand trucks so that multiple boxes can be moved safely at once. Your moving company can provide them or you can rent them separately.

Use Sensitive Seals

Many companies collecting unique identifying information from employees, customers, or clients need to follow a complex set of rules regarding security and safety during an office relocation. Tamper sensitive seals and locking crates work together to prevent unauthorized access or theft of your files during the transition. These seals can be used with practically any cardboard, plastic, or other moving boxes you choose.

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