Moving Successfully Without Problems

Prepare Office Equipment, Tools, And Tool Chests Prior To Transporting Everything To An Automotive Shop Across Town

If you recently purchased an automotive shop across town and are going to be renting a personal moving truck to transport office equipment, tools, and tool chests, the following tips will help you prepare the items that are being moved so that you do not misplace anything and all of your possessions arrive at the new location unscathed.

Wrap Furniture And Use Bungee Cords To Secure Items

Purchase a roll of thick foam cushioning and use it to wrap large pieces of furniture, such as tables, desks, chairs, and shelving units. Use acrylic tape or heavy duty shipping adhesive to secure the edges of the foam cushioning. If pieces of furniture are large and can be dismantled before being placed in the back of a truck, use a drill or screwdriver to remove hardware pieces. Place the hardware pieces inside of plastic bags and label the outside of each bag with a description of the furniture piece that it is needed for.

Lay a thick piece of foam or other pieces of padded material across the bottom of the moving truck's cargo space. After loading furniture inside of the truck, use bungee cords to secure pieces of furniture that are lightweight and could shift as they are being transported. 

Empty Tool Chests And Place Items In Compartments

Purchase bins that have several compartments inside of them. Empty each tool box separately and write a list of the tools that you plan to store inside of the bins. Sort the tools and place them inside of the compartments. Place plastic packing bubbles that are filled with air on top of the tools so that packed items remain stable while in transit. After securing a lid to the top of each container that is filled with tools, and wide strips of tape along the sides of each lid so that the tops do not accidentally come loose while you are carrying or transporting the tools. 

Lock Or Tape Drawers And Use A Dolly To Move Heavy Pieces

Place the list of tools that you previously packed inside the top drawer of a tool chest so that the list won't be misplaced prior to or during the move. Lock the drawer and any other drawers. If the drawers will not lock, use tape to hold them in place. If the tool chests are heavy and you do not have anyone to help you move them into the back of a moving truck, use a dolly to assist with transporting each chest.