Moving Successfully Without Problems

Sort And Pack Items From Your Flower Shop

If you own a small flower shop and are going to be moving flowers, plants, decorative materials, and office equipment to a larger commercial piece of property that is located across town, prepare for the move by sorting items and packing them by following the steps below:

Plan On Transporting Flowers And Plants In Several Trips

If you have an abundance of flowers and plants on hand, you may want to make several trips to move them if the new building isn't far away from the current one. If plants are fragile, they will need to be secured in a vehicle that has plenty of room and that has windows that can be opened. Fresh air will prevent items from wilting and will ensure that they still have a fresh appearance upon your arrival.

If you currently use coolers to preserve cut flowers that are sold in your shop, place flowers inside of thermal containers that have cooling packs added to them. Use pieces of foam cushioning to line the bottom of each pack so that flowers do not become damaged. 

Pack Decorative Materials In Cartons

Contact a moving company and inquire about cardboard cartons and packing tape. After purchasing cartons, place them in a line along the floor inside of your flower shop. Sort decorative materials, including ribbons, vases, name tags, and writing implements. Place packing materials in the base of each carton. Set sorted items on top of the packing materials.

If you plan to move breakable items, use foam or bubble wrap to cover each item. Place wide strips of tape across the packing materials seams. Label the outside of each wrapped item before placing everything inside of one of the cartons. Seal the cartons and label the outside of each one.

Organize And Pack Office Equipment

Organize paperwork, including accounts payables and receivables, customer invoices, and tax documents. Place paperwork inside of file folders and label the outside of each one. If you usually hold onto receipts for accounting purposes, place the receipts in a small box or envelope.

Heavy furniture pieces should be placed on a hand truck or cart before being transported to the vehicle that is being used to move items to the new facility. After furniture pieces are placed inside of a vehicle, cover them with a tarp or piece of plastic sheeting. Secure the covers with pieces of rope or thin, flexible cords. 

Contact a commercial relocation service for more information and assistance.