Moving Successfully Without Problems

Tips For Shipping Your Personal Items When Going To College

Going to college is an exciting prospect, but it also presents a serious disruption to your life. Nowhere is this disruption more clear than the act of moving your personal belongings from home to college. Here are a few major tips to make the process smooth:

Consider Cost of Purchase Vs. Cost of Shipping

The first thing is to estimate how much it will cost you to ship the items and compare it to the cost of buying new ones when you arrive at college. The cost of shipping items depends on different issues such as their sizes, degree of fragility, shape, weight, and distance, among other things. For example, you may find it cheaper to buy a new bed than to ship the one you are currently using. Consult your preferred moving company for an exact quote to help you with the comparison.

Don't Estimate How Much You Can Carry

College-bound students carry their belongings in many different ways. For example, you can carry your belongs with you in public transportation (for example, by train), carry them in a personal car, or ship them. Many students use hybrid methods; for example, you can carry a few items with you and ship the rest. This hybrid method is good, but it has one major problem -- it is easy to overestimate how much you can carry in your suitcase.

Therefore, pack your things in advance and ship the rest or wait until the last minute before shipping them. That way you minimize the risk of shipping a few items only to realize that the rest can't fit in your suitcases.

Ship the Items Before Moving

Another neat trick is to ship your belongings before setting off; don't make your move and leave the belongings behind to be shipped on your behalf. Shipping the items first ensures that they will be there when you arrive. That way you won't find yourself stranded without sleeping arrangements in your college apartment or room without your personal belongings.

Have a Survival Pack With You

Even if you intend to ship all your items via a moving company, it is vital to have a survival pack with you. This survival pack should contain you're the items you use on a daily basis such as toiletry, flashlight, power packs, and warm clothes (depending on where you are going). That way you don't have to suffer even if your items get delayed in transit.

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