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Storing Your RV Long Term? Tips on Choosing Storage Location & Keeping Tires in Great Condition

If you are planning to put your RV away for the winter, you want to ensure it is in great shape for you when you take it out of storage in the spring. This will allow you to jump in and start using it again when you take it out. Below are some tips on choosing where you store your RV, as well as keeping the tires in good condition.

Where to Store Your RV

Unless you have room and a garage large enough to store your RV, you should find an RV storage lot in your area. This is a great option for long term storage. You will find storage lots that are an open parking area or there are storage lots that have enclosed spaces for your RV. This will offer you the best protection even though you will likely have to pay more money.

You can check with a local RV park. This way you can keep the electricity hooked up. Some RV parks will not let you leave your RV long term but some will. This is something you should check on.

No matter what you choose you will have to pay a monthly fee for storage.

Keep Tires in Good Condition

RV tires can be expensive so you need to ensure they stay in good condition while in storage. The surface should be level. If not, this will put pressure on the tires. The RV should also not be placed on black asphalt because it absorbs heat. This is not good for your tires.

If you can, remove the wheels on your RV and sit it on blocks. Many people do not do this, however, as it is difficult. If you are not able to, you need to make sure there is not a lot of stress on the tires while it is in storage. In order to do this, take everything out of the RV that you can to make it lighter. Every couple of months move your RV to prevent the tires from bulging and cracking. If the weather is cold outside, you should not move the RV at all as the sudden cold would not be good for the tires.

You can increase the air pressure for each tire by a small percentage. This can help if the tires lose pressure while in storage. Talk to a mechanic to determine how far you can increase the pressure without damaging the tires.  In the spring, reduce the pressure until it is normal before you drive your RV.

There are other things you should do to keep your RV in good condition while it is in storage. Talk with an RV mechanic about this and they can tell you what else you need to do.