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3 Tips To Make A Summer Move More Bearable

With heat waves sweeping across the nation, summer can be an uncomfortable season to spend time outdoors. When you add in the physical exertion associated with a move, summer can feel unbearable.

If you need to complete a move during the hot summer months, there are a few simple tips you need to keep in mind in order to help make the move a little more bearable.

1. Schedule professional movers in advance.

Having the help of a professional moving company, like Smith Dray Line & Storage Inc, can make any summer move go a lot faster. It's essential that you contact a reputable moving company well in advance of your anticipated move date. This will allow you the opportunity to select the earliest appointment available.

Temperatures are typically much cooler in the morning, so completing most of the labor before afternoon hits can be a real lifesaver during a summer move. Schedule your professional movers as soon as you know your move date to ensure you get the first appointment of the day.

2. Time your utility activation and deactivation.

Transferring the utilities to your new home is something that you should think about in advance. It can be helpful to work with city officials to turn on your utilities a few days before your scheduled move-in date. This allows you to turn on air conditioners or fans in your new property. Being able to escape the heat of the day while unloading a moving truck could be beneficial during a summer move.

You should plan to leave the utilities in your old residence on until the day after your move-out date. Paying for the extra day gives you access to a cool space in which to pack, which is worth every penny on a hot summer day.

3. Spread the work out over a few weeks.

If possible, you should begin moving smaller items into your new home in the weeks prior to your move-out date. Taking a few small boxes and appliances to the new property each day helps to spread the workload and prevent the need for many hours of strenuous labor during the heat on moving day.

Save your heavy furnishings for professional movers who have experience working in hot conditions. Movers are able to efficiently load large furnishings so they can reduce your move time significantly.

Completing a summer move can be challenging. To make your move more bearable you need to plan ahead and find ways to battle the heat.