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5 Tips For Packing Your Storage Unit

Are you going to be using a long-term storage unit to hold onto some belongings but not sure if you are doing things the right way? Here are some tips for packing the unit that you should follow.

Keep Refrigerators Propped Open

A common mistake that people make when storing a refrigerator is closing the door while it's in storage. You will be surprised to come back to get the refrigerator and discover mold growth inside from the trapped moisture. That's why it's important to always prop the door open so that you don't ruin your refrigerator. You can do something as simple as putting a towel over the door so that it cannot close.

Use Mattress Protectors

The best way to keep your mattress clean is by putting it in a mattress protector bag, which will completely cover the mattress. However, it's important that you do not seal the bag shut. Much like with a refrigerator, air needs to circulate over the items to prevent mildew from getting into the fabric. In addition, try to store the mattress flat as if it was set up. Storing the mattress on its side is going to cause damage over time if it uses springs and potentially cause the mattress to not feel that great.

Store Your Bulky Items Near The Back

You'll want to put those really bulky items near the back of the storage unit. They are not going anywhere, and putting them in the front will only put them in the way of other items that you get to frequently. Your seasonal and frequently used items should be near the front where they are easy to access. 

Avoid Storing Unstable Items Above Your Head

While you may be tempted to cram things into your storage unit and place them up to the ceiling, you want to avoid placing anything unstable on boxes so that they are resting above your head. This is an easy way to have things come crashing down on your head when moving around in the storage unit. If you are going to stack items high, try to keep them to boxes only with heavy and large boxes on the bottom, with the lighter and small boxes near the top.

Use Moving Blankets On Furniture

Stacking items on top of your furniture? Consider placing a moving blanket on those furniture items so that they don't become damaged. Things can easily shift when loading your storage unit, causing wood surfaces to become accidentally scratched. 

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