Tips For Shipping Your Personal Items When Going To College

Going to college is an exciting prospect, but it also presents a serious disruption to your life. Nowhere is this disruption more clear than the act of moving your personal belongings from home to college. Here are a few major tips to make the process smooth: Consider Cost of Purchase Vs. Cost of Shipping The first thing is to estimate how much it will cost you to ship the items and compare it to the cost of buying new ones when you arrive at college. [Read More]

Sort And Pack Items From Your Flower Shop

If you own a small flower shop and are going to be moving flowers, plants, decorative materials, and office equipment to a larger commercial piece of property that is located across town, prepare for the move by sorting items and packing them by following the steps below: Plan On Transporting Flowers And Plants In Several Trips If you have an abundance of flowers and plants on hand, you may want to make several trips to move them if the new building isn't far away from the current one. [Read More]

Prepare Office Equipment, Tools, And Tool Chests Prior To Transporting Everything To An Automotive Shop Across Town

If you recently purchased an automotive shop across town and are going to be renting a personal moving truck to transport office equipment, tools, and tool chests, the following tips will help you prepare the items that are being moved so that you do not misplace anything and all of your possessions arrive at the new location unscathed. Wrap Furniture And Use Bungee Cords To Secure Items Purchase a roll of thick foam cushioning and use it to wrap large pieces of furniture, such as tables, desks, chairs, and shelving units. [Read More]